GROK EV Charger Services is 100% Canadian owned and operated.   GROK is an IBM Sliver Business Partner          GROK is a member of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce in Ontario

GROK EV Charger Services offers residential EV charging solutions from Flo.GROK EV Charger Services offers commercial EV charging solutions from Chargepoint.GROK EV Charger Services offers Enel X Juicebox residential charging systems.EV charging stations are available in three different options, delivering three different levels of charging capability.GROK Air Sterilization Systems help keep families safe by killing airborne pathogens and allergens including mold.GROK active airborne virus controlGROK EV Charger Services offers Enel X Juicebox commercial charging systems.

Simply and Safely Charge your Electric Vehicles

GROK™ EV Charger Services sells customized, residential and commercial EV charging solutions, safely and expertly installed, and supported long term.

Save Time choosing the best EV charger brand and options. • Save Money using our fully integrated approach.  • Save Hassles with our turn-key service. • Ensure Safety with our Red Seal Journeyman Electricians. Lifetime Support means we always stand behind our work ... period!

Local offices:  Victoria, BC serving Southern Vancouver Island • Cambridge, ON serving the Greater Toronto Area.

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Your One-Stop Shop for EV Chargers and Service

GROK EV Charger Services are EV charger specialists. We deliver complete, high-quality, cost-effective solutions to homeowners and businesses.

We only sell leading EV charger brands, combined with professional installation services. Our experienced, licensed electricians, and lifetime support ensure a reliable EV charger solution that will last.

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EV Charger Sales

GROK EV Charger Services offers best charging station brands for residential and commercial applications.SIMPLIFIED process for choosing your EV charging solution. Residential or Commercial, we take your present and future needs into account. Learn more.

Installation Services

GROK EV Charger Services offers complete installation services for charging stations.COMPLETE care, start to finish. Whether a single charger for home use, or a multi-charger commercial system, we are your EV charger installation specialist. Learn more.

Billing, Monitoring, and More

GROK EV Charger Services offers complete monitoring, reporting, and billing capabilities for charging stations.AUTOMATED billing solutions. Remote troubleshooting. Energy and cost management. Reliable products, reliable service. Count on GROK to stay on top of this rapidly changing market. Learn more.

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